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About Us

We are Gloworder and we live by the philosophy that words without action are wasted, that inefficiency is costly, that the pursuit of perfection is a noble one, and that service is only service if it’s good service. We do not boast of charity or chivalry, but instead admire kindness, civility, and humility. We’re rooted in the relationship between business and booze, and offer our services as a liaison between tapster and patron. Hold your word, your tongue, and your liquor. Let us banish the jobsworth, the dramatic, the killjoy. He who is easily offended should be offended more often, and those not offended any longer deserve a hug. We revere the rich no more than the rogue, the rascal, and the reprobate. And we have a way of dealing with outsiders… invite them in for a drink. At Gloworder we’ve created the best app for ordering drinks at the bar, learn more in the video below!

What’s special about Gloworder

The Gloworder app aims to make ordering drinks at the bar as efficient as possible.

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Order with Order

GLOWORDER provides a system for ordering in an environment that is normally chaotic. Customers should never have to lean over the bar, stand on tip-toes, or snap their fingers to get the bartender's attention.

Lay Waste to Waste

"Waste" accounts for 25%-30% of a bar's annual losses. Gloworder instantly reduces waste because bartenders receive the customer's exact order visually and have the orders available to review as needed.

Drink & Dash

When customers walk out on their tabs, bartenders or owners have to cover the loss. With Gloworder, orders are automatically closed out at the end of the night.

66% Increase in Bar Transaction Efficiency

66% Increase in Bar Transaction Efficiency

Bar transactions require three "touches" from the bartender: 1) the order, 2) the delivery of the order, 3) dropping off the tab or change. Gloworder reduces that process to a single touch: the delivery of the order.

Social Distance Safety

Social Distance Safety

With concerns over the recent pandemic, Gloworder is an excellent way to minimize contact and mitigate risk, all while providing better service to your customers.

Social Distance Safety

Free Metrics & Tools for Owners

Bar owners have access to metrics to better understand their businesses and tools for improving operations.