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Gloworder is a free app that allows bar customers to order from bartenders quickly and efficiently.

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Register as a customer or list your bar on the Gloworder platform. Customer registration is quick; just provide basic details and link your preferred payment. Bartenders and bar owners, build your profile and upload your menu. You’re now ready for orders!


Find a bar.

Gloworder is popping up everywhere! Select a Gloworder bar from the map or scan a bar’s Gloworder QR code. Then, at the end of the night, simply walk out. Gloworder’s geolocation technology will close your tab for you. Gone are the days of customers walking out on a bar tab or forgetting their credit cards. Customers can focus on enjoying the evening and bartenders can focus on service.

Menu Selection

Build an order.

Choose drinks from the bar’s menu or build your own cocktail. Need to reorder? Press a button and your next round is on the way. Save your favorite drinks for easy selection or provide details so your order is just the way you want it. Submit your order, get back to your friends, and wait for your drinks to arrive.

Bartender’s Queue


Once you submit your order, it enters the bartender’s queue. The top four orders in the queue are assigned a color (red, blue, green, or purple). Once your order reaches the top four, your phone glows the color assigned to your order. Your brightly glowing phone gives the bartender a beacon of light and color to identify you to deliver your order. Easy!

Order With Order

Gloworder provides order to a system that was broken. Customers should never have to lean over the bar, stand on tip-toes, or snap fingers to get the bartender’s attention. Gloworder organizes the crowd around the bar.

We Handle The Tab

Every part of paying a tab sucks. Receipts get soggy, customers forget to sign, credit cards are left, or someone walks out on a tab. With Gloworder, all tabs are closed out automatically at the end of the night.

Increased Efficiency

A bar transaction requires three touches by the bartender: 1) the order, 2) order delivery and taking payment, and 3) returning with receipt or change. Gloworder reduces that process to a single touch: the delivery of the order.

Lay Waste To Waste

Bars are loud, bartenders move quickly, and sometimes orders get lost in translation. Nearly 25% of a bar’s annual losses are due to waste. But, with Gloworder, bartenders receive orders visually and can always review them.

Bar Owners

When customers get good service, they stay longer and order more. Gloworder helps you provide great service increasing revenue by an average of 12% annually.

Give Us The Risk

We know the bar business is rough. But Gloworder is here to help. And because we’re awesome, let us pick up your interchange costs… and handle chargebacks. That’s right, we’ll absorb those risks.

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