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Gloworder increases efficiency and reduces your costs all from our free, easy-to-use app.

Bar Customers

Crowded bars leave patrons at a disadvantage when ordering drinks. It can feel impossible to call attention to the Bartender, plus specialty drinks only increase wait time. People across Reddit report waiting more than 45 minutes on a busy night for a cocktail.


Bartenders are often inundated by requests and feel rushed. Mistakes can be made and specialty, high-priced drinks are often turned away. Busy bars can actually push away up to 30% in annual losses.


The 2020 pandemic threatened many locally-owned restaurants and bars. National Restaurant Association estimates that the restaurant industry to include bars lost $80 billion through April 2020. Additionally, projected annual loss topped $240 billion. Being in a restaurants means being close to other people, which often conflicts with state and federal guidelines and has forced many businesses to close.

Why Gloworder?

Order with Order

The primary purpose of GLOWORDER is provide a system for ordering in an environment that is normally chaotic. Customers should never have to lean over the bar, stand on tip-toes, or snap their fingers to get the bartenders attention.

Drink and Dash

When customers walk out on their tabs, the bartender or bar owner covers the loss. With GLOWORDER, orders are automatically closed out (with an 18% gratuity added) at the end of the night. So, we encourage Customers to walk out on their tabs!

Social Distancing

For bar owners exposed and vulnerable due to the pandemic, GLOWORDER can provide an extra safety measure that allows patrons to remain at a safe distance.It can help protect from liability and possibly even help keep bars open.

Lay Way to Waste

When a bar is loud, conveying a drink order can be difficult. Sometimes bartenders prepare the wrong drinks and they have to be thrown down the drain. "Waste" accounts for 25% - 30% of a bar's annual losses. With GLOWORDER, bartenders receive the orders visually and have the orders available to review as needed.

66% Increase in Bar Transaction Efficiency

A normal bar transaction requires three "touches" from the bartender: 1) the order, 2) the delivery of the order, 3) dropping off the tab or change. GLOWORDER reduces that process to a single touch: the delivery of the order.


Bar owners have access to metrics to better understand their businesses and tools for improving operations. The concept is simple:

  1. A customer builds an order by creating or selecting drinks from a bar’s menu
  2. When the order is submitted, the customer’s phone glows a color (e.g.– the RED order)
  3. The bartender receives the RED order on his own mobile device and prepares the order
  4. The bartender then delivers the RED order to the customer whose mobile device is glowing red