Third-Party Providers


For the safety of our users, and to ensure the integrity of the Gloworder Marketplace Platform, Gloworder reviews and verifies each person attempting to register for Third-Party Provider access.  The primary objectives of the review process are to ensure that the person registering the Third-Party Provider (Registerer) is legally authorized to do so on behalf of the Third-Party Provider – and may therefore legally-bind the establishment to Gloworder’s Terms of Use – and to prevent false and misleading registrations.

Effective date: February 01, 2021

Last modified: February 01, 2021


While we prefer the Registerer be the owner of the establishment registering for Third-Party Provider access, we know that owners frequently authorize general managers to make decisions pertaining to logistics and the day-to-day operation of the business.  However, to encourage transparency, and to protect Gloworder, we require verification from an individual with legal control over the business.  Therefore, there are only two individuals who can authorize the use of Gloworder in a particular establishment:

  • the owner of the legal entity whose name is listed on the current, valid corporate documents as filed with each state’s secretary of state, or
  • the person in whose name the liquor license is held as is filed with each state’s Department of Revenue and/or publicly listed on each state’s government website.

To be clear, the individual identified in both a) and b) are the same person. 

For each registration for Third-Party Provider access, an agent of Gloworder will review the information provided and compare the information to the public databases provided by each state.  A list of state databases can be found below.  It is from the below-listed databases that verifying information will be obtained.

The listed owner and/or the holder of the liquor license will then be contacted for verification using the information available in the state’s database.  This prevents against fraudulent registrations.

3.      STATE DATABASES (to be added as needed)


Colorado Secretary of State Business Search

Colorado Liquor License Search